10 Green Android Apps to Help You Live Smarter

January 11, 2012 View all articles in General

Technology analysis blog ASYMCO estimates that there are between 224-253 million Android phones currently active around the world. This growth in Android usage (according to ASYMCO) has more than quadrupled in the past three years alone. If you are one of these millions of new Android users who also happens to care about the planet, the following list of 10 Green Android apps can help you live smarter (and greener) in the digital age.

  • Seasonal Harvest Lite (Free ): This handy Android app helps users locate fresh and locally-grown produce year-round. Regularly updated, the app also has links to local farmer's markets and even a few recipes for those organic tomatoes you just bought.
  • Green Mileage (Free): If you are looking for a quick and easy way to keep track of your gas mileage, this app lets you track each fill-up and automatically calculates your mileage between tanks. Though missing features other paid-for apps might have, Green Mileage does keep the interface simple for quick entries while on the road.
  • Juice Defender (Free): If you find that your Android battery is perpetually out of power, give Juice Defender a try. This free app helps you to save batter power and electricity by scheduling data syncing, wifi activation, 2G and 3G connections, CPU scaling, and more on any compatible Android device or smartphone.
  • GreenYou ($0.99): If you are concerned about your carbon footprint, GreenYou helps users understand their carbon footprint through simple data collection. Using information about driving habits, home energy use and more, this app will encourage any user to go green.
  • Carbon-Meter (Free): Rewarding people for making green choices is an exciting concept. Carbon-Meter's central premise is that if you walk, jog, run, or bike rather than generating CO2 emissions, you should be rewarded for your hard work. Users who produce less CO2 are granted access to money-saving coupons from a selection of sponsors.
  • Gardener (Free): Millions of Americans grow their own organic veggies and fruits every year. If you've always wanted to start your own garden and keep track of the progress, you should try this app out! Gardener for Android helps you keep track of what you've planted, when you harvest, and lets you save this information for the following year.
  • Find Green (Free): This app boasts an ever-growing database of green and environmentally-conscious businesses from around North America. Find Green helps users track town everything from recycling centers to cloth diapers and organic local produce.
  • Eco Buzz Widget (Free) : Though not truly a full Android app, the Eco Buzz Widget is a handy program that automatically tracks green news stories on everything from climate change to the latest fuel-efficient cars. This widget is a must have for anyone who wants to save themselves from having to poke around the internet looking for the latest in green news.
  • Greenpeace Tissue Guide (Free): If you are looking for a greener way to buy paper products for your home, the Greenpeace Tissue Guide for Android helps users find paper products (from toilet paper to napkins) that are either recycled, use post-consumer content, or are made without the use of potentially dangerous chemicals. Additionally, this app rates each product on how green it really is while providing product information on over 100 items.
  • SmartPlanet (Free): The SmartPlanet Android app collects all of the latest environmental news from CBS and organizes it based on popularity, author, publication date, etc. This app provides quick links to green articles that users can browse and lets them click on the link to access the full text of each story.


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