10 Ways to Re-Purpose a Kiddie Pool

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Summer is here, and if you found a broken kiddie pool in the garage while looking for your lawnmower, consider hanging on to that giant piece of plastic and putting it to better use around the house. Take a look at the following top 10 ways to recycle your old kiddie pool and see if you don't just end up saving yourself an unneeded trip to the recycling center.


Kiddie Pool Dog Bath: Fido needs baths on a regular basis. If dragging him kicking and clawing into the bathroom every month isn't your cup of tea, give him a good scrubbing outside in the kiddie pool. You may have to use subterfuge to get him into the pool, but cleaning him up in the great outdoors is much easier than dealing with dog hair in your shower drain. Word to the wise: wear a swimsuit.

Kiddie Pool Garden: For the budding herb garden enthusiast, an old or leaking kiddie pool makes a great portable/movable location to grow thyme, basil, or mint. Consider putting the pool on a dolly with wheels and move your herb garden around into the sun or shade as the need arises.

Kiddie Pool Sandbox: Turn your old kiddie pool into a sandy wonderland for the kids. Simply fill the pool up with any course or find sand of your choice (you can find both at most outdoor nurseries), add a few buckets and shovels, and let the young ones have at it. To keep the cats and rain out at night, use a plywood board or tarp to keep everything tidy.

Kiddie Pool Frost Guard: Sometimes the weather can surprise us, and when it does those tender young shoots and plants in our garden are the first to pay the price. Protect your plants against unwanted freezing by covering them with and old kiddie pool. Flip the pool over and place it on top of the most vulnerable plants on any evening you are worried about frost damage. In the morning pull the pool off and give the plants the sunshine and moisture they need to keep thriving.

Kiddie Pool Storage: Kiddie pools make a great place to store everyday objects, from toys to crafting supplies. The smooth plastic on the bottom of most pools also makes them handy for sliding across the carpet when you need to store everything out of sight under a bed or in a closet.

Kiddie Pool Dog Bed: Now that Fido is clean and scrubbed, he probably wants a cool, dry place to curl up and nap. If you've got a kiddie pool with a hole in the bottom, line it with a few soft blankets and old pillows. Store your new dog bed outside in the shade or inside where it is warm. Either way your dog will thank you for his new resting place and might even forgive you for not taking him on a walk yesterday.

Kiddie Pool Reading Nook: During the colder months kiddie pools left outdoors tend to crack and fade in the harsh weather. This fall bring your kiddie pool inside with you and set it up as a reading nook in the kid's bedroom. Fill the bottom with blankets, beanbag chairs, or pillows. Caution: the kids might have to fight the dog for a place to sit and read.

Kiddie Pool Garden Center: If you need a place to keep all those extra gardening shovels, hand-spades, hoses, and sprinklers, consider storing them all in one place: and old kiddie pool in the garage or basement. Not only will your gardening supplies all be in one place, but storing them in a dry pool off the ground will keep everything rust-free.

Kiddie Pool Mud Wallow: Got a pet potbellied pig or two? Keep your porkers in hog-heaven by making them a place to wallow. Fill your old kiddie pool with soil and water and let the pigs take a mud bath during the hot parts of the month. Pro tip: make sure you rinse your pig off with the hose before you let it back inside.

Kiddie Pool Drink Cooler: Have a big BBQ planned this summer? Fill up that old pool with a few bags of ice and your favorite drink of choice. Kiddie pools with holes or cracks make the best kind of drink cooler since they automatically drain as the ice melts, but don't be too picky: those thirsty friends probably don't care what condition your pool is in so long as their beer is cold.

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