11 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

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You probably already know Earth Day is observed on the 22nd of April. So how are you planning on celebrating the planet this year? If your answer is, “I'll be stuck in the office all day,” “I have to study for midterms (i.e., play beer pong),” or “I haven't decided yet,” don't worry: we know plenty of ways you can show your love and appreciation for the earth, all of which require very little time or planning. And because they're so easy, you'll want to be good to the planet every day!


Ride a Bike: Or rollerskate, skateboard, scooter, hop, skip, run, walk, jog, etc. Basically, just get to work or school by any means other than your gas-guzzling, fossil fuel-emitting, ozone-damaging car.

Say ‘No' to Waste: Do you have an eight o'clock class on Earth Day morning? Cafeteria food on-the-go probably seems like a good option, except for the non-biodegradable Styrofoam container part. This one will take a little bit of effort, but if you get up a few minutes earlier, you can eat your breakfast on an actual plate that a) you don't have to wash, and b) won't immediately end up in a landfill.

Go on a Diet: Reducing your carbon footprint is easy when you're a vegetarian or vegan; even if it's only for Earth Day. Limit your beef and cheese consumption to cut back on some of the greenhouse gases created by the livestock industry. If that seems too difficult, at least opt for local, in-season produce, and skip the processed snacks wrapped in wasteful packaging.

Green your Laundry: Wait until you have a full load; combine your stuff with your roommate's; and opt for cold water.

Do Some Reading: Will you be stuck in a cubicle, sat behind a desk, and pretending to look busy at work on Earth Day?

  • What a great opportunity for you to bone up on your Viesel knowledge! We don't want to ruin any of the major plot points for you, but it has to do with renewable fuel, a power source, and used vegetable oil.
  • Take a moment to look at the Environmental Protection Agency's website , and search for Earth Day events and volunteer opportunities by region. You're bound to find something good nearby!
  • Visit the Planet Green website , and learn how to talk with people about global warming and climate change.

Change Your Font: Did you know you will use roughly 30 percent less ink when you print documents typed in Century Gothic font? Well, now you do, so change your default font.

Re-Use Something: Read any one of our re-use-it articles for tips on how to keep stuff out of the trash and/or landfill.

Recycle Something: Don't fret because you can't afford (or be bothered with) curbside recycling. Make contributions to the recycling bins located on your college campus, in your favorite Whole Foods Market, or in your office break room.

Reduce Everything: Try not to buy anything new on Earth Day. If that's not possible, remember to pick items that come in little to no packaging.

Visit CarbonFund.Org: Make a donation and support carbon reduction projects while you reduce your own carbon footprint and help to fund forestry projects around the world.

Throw an Earth Day Dinner Party: Plan a menu that uses locally-produced, healthy foods that have minimal impacts on the environment. Or go one further and buy only organic foods! Remember to decorate your table with recycled, homemade decorations, and to use cloth napkins and reusable dishware and cutlery.


Dolraj paudyal on May 2, 2011 at 9:51 a.m.

I like these suggestions. A small change can improve big.

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