25 Ways to Re-Use Altoids Mint Tins

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Whether you're one of the millions of people who chronically suffer from bad breath, or are just one of the few who like to be prepared, you probably have your fair share of mint tins lying around. Scrap metal items are one of best and easiest materials to recycle because, unlike paper, metals don't lose their strength when recycled. While these pocket-sized mint tins are, in fact, recyclable, they can serve you in a number of useful ways before landing in the recycling bin.

We've come up with 25 re-use ideas for mint tins. Did we miss any?


Pocket First Aid Kit: The Instructables.com first aid kit contains a suture kit, 12 Band-Aids, moist towelettes, rubber bands, tape, aspirin, swabs, gauze, razor blades, super glue, Betadine, and isopropyl alcohol. Visit their page for accompanying photos and instructions on how to make everything fit!

Outdoor Survival Kit: The Field & Stream website has a slideshow with instructions on creating your own survival kit out of an Altoids tin. It's so cool and handy, you'll never want to leave home with it!

Emergency Candle: Mint tins are the perfect size for holding a candle, some matches, and a few strikers. The next time your car gets caught in the snow, you'll be mighty thankful you have a multi-wick candle in the glove box! Follow the few simple steps at Instructables.com!

Urban Survival Kit: There are, at times, just as many unexpected situations and dangers in the buzzing metropolis as there are in the great outdoors. That's why it's a good idea to keep such things like a BIC mini lighter, a Band-Aid, an antacid, some ibuprofen, a stick of gum, a cold medicine caplet, and your lip balm all in one place and at the ready. Find the full instructions here.

Alphamom Altoids Picture

Mini Tool Box: Turn your Altoids tin into a mini tool box to hold extra screws, nails, or bolts. Find terrific, step-by-step instructions (with photos) at AlphaMom.com! (photo by AlphaMom.com)

GamesChest: Look at what Mark Brown has done with his Altoids tin! He's put a folding gameboard, some grid paper, a pencil, five dice, a deck of mini playing cards, a pad of Post-it notes, a laminated cheatsheet for some of his favorite games, and much, much more – all in a single mint tin!

Sewing Kit: Never leave the house without an Altoids tin sewing kit. It can hold pins, needles, thread, and even folding scissors! Find instructions and step-by-step photos at CraftSylish.com.

Travel Game Board: Paint the outside of the tin like a checker or tic-tac-toe board, then use buttons with small magnets glued on the backs for game pieces. Keep a small pad of paper and a couple pencils inside for keeping score. This will keep kids occupied for hours on long car drives.

Key Hooks: Use five Altoids tins to make a key hook/message board that will keep you more organized! Follow the instructions at TLC's How Stuff Works website. Altoids Zen Garden Design Sponge

Miniature Zen Garden: Do you need a way to relax and decompress at the office? Create a miniature, desktop Zen garden with an Altoids tin. Follow the instructions here. (photo by Design*Sponge)

Jewelry Box: Hook all of your earrings through a thin piece of foam, cotton, fabric, or batting and then place it inside a mint tin so you'll never have to go looking for lost earrings or backs. You can even decorate the outside to make it look like a real jewelry box.

Compact: Glue a small, rectangular mirror inside the lid of a mint tin, and then use the base to hold lip gloss, eye shadow, eyeliner, etc.

Picture Frame: Visit TLC's HowStuffWorks.com for instructions on how to make a picture frame out of an Altoids tin.

Tackle Box: If you like to fly fish, mint tins are great for keeping your flies organized. For hassle-free storage, simply hot-glue a magnetic strip inside the tin so the hooks don't get tangled.

Mint Tin Quick Uses

  • Keep an empty mint tin in your car's center console to collect loose change.
  • Until you save up enough money to buy that silver, monogrammed card case, just use an Altoid tin.
  • Use a mint tin as your wallet. It's the perfect size for holding your credit cards, ID, cash, even your house key.
  • Use a mint tin to store your guitar or banjo picks.
  • Keep your bobby pins, hair ties, and barrettes inside a mint tin while traveling.
  • Use a mint tin as a pill box.
  • You can easily fit 12 crayons in an Altoids tin and it won't fall apart with wear like the box will!
  • Do you post a lot of flyers and/or notices around town or your school's campus? Keep thumbtacks or push pins in a mint tin so you always have some on-hand.
  • Keep all the extra buttons you get with new garments in an Altoids tin so you know where to find them.
  • Keep a mint tin in your kitchen drawer for holding twist ties and rubber bands.
  • Keep a mint tin in your desk drawer for holding paper clips and staples.


Nikki on April 29, 2012 at 5:53 p.m.

You've got so many wonderful ideas. How about for glass jars and altoids small tins?

Chasing Green on April 30, 2012 at 12:28 p.m.

Thanks Nikki! Check back from time to time regarding glass jars and smaller Altoids tins as we regularly add re-use articles.

Elizabeth on March 18, 2013 at 1:15 p.m.

I LOVE your website Chasing Green

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