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What do you take into account when ordering business cards? Maybe it's the price; the paper quality; or maybe it's just the shipping speed. Is the cumulative environmental impact of business cards a factor at all for you? More and more business owners and representatives are finding that the simplest way they can go green in the office and on the road is by purchasing eco-friendly, recycled business cards or business card alternatives. More to the point, these business people are learning that their cards can become environmentally-friendly business tools!

In fact, green business cards are becoming something of a fad! If this notion seems foreign or new to you, don't worry: the ChasingGreen team has put together a list of some of the best business card entrepreneurs currently supplying the working world with their green, cardstock solutions. In addition, we've provided some alternatives the creatively-inclined businessperson can put to use.


  • MOO Inc. creates eco-friendly business cards on 100 percent recycled, 100 percent reyclable stock that's shipped in a free holder made from 100 percent recycled and recyclable pulp board. MOO Inc. also has plans to print and ship in the USA so as to reduce the travel distance and its environmental impact.
  • PrintingForLess is an FSC Certified, 100 percent Wind Powered company that produces business cards made from elemental chlorine-free paper, printed with vegetable-based, primarily soy inks, and coated with a water-based aqueous, high-gloss surface that deters dirt and fingerprints. PrintingForLess is also focused on reducing its waste. The company uses top-grade paper operated by highly-trained employees so as to reduce the number of “make-ready” sheets needed to run through the presses before printing projects.
  • The United States Business Card Company takes carbon-neutral printing to a whole new level with their Breakfast Cereal Box, Recycled Construction Paper, Plain Chipboard, and Corrugated E-Flute (shipping boxes) business cards. ChasingGreen particularly appreciates the fact that US Business Cards takes popular cereal brands like Wheaties, Cheerios, and Fruit Loops, and precision cuts them with a guillotine paper cutter. The result is sharp, clean-edged, standard-sized business card that's good (and nutritious) for the environment.


  • DIY: Not that we don't love The US Business Cards' approach to re-purposing cereal boxes and other paper materials, but if you do it yourself, at home, you get to eat the cereal too. Here's an online step-by-step tutorial you might find helpful if you decide to go this route with your business cards.
  • Eco-Friendly Paper & Printing: Look for recycled, eco-friendly paper. It's available in any number of styles, weights, and colors, so you don't have to sacrifice style or taste for impact. A lot of printers now also give customers the option to choose vegetable-based inks and other eco-conscious printing options. Most of the time, all you have to do is ask in person or do some quick research online.
  • Go Virtual: With all the PDAs, smartphones, and other electronic devices out there, executives are starting to see the redundancy and/or insignificance of paper business cards. Instead of handing these little environmental pests out at work functions, try just sending your contact information directly to the recipient's contact application or email account. You can even create virtual business cards that look just like the real thing through Microsoft Office or similar software programs.
  • Supply Eco Tips or Creative Solutions: Consider placing your business and contact information on one side of your card, and environmental tips and suggestions on the other side. With each new contact that takes your card, you could be making a positive impact; enough impact, even, to offset the negative impact of the card's production and manufacturing. To promote even further Earth responsibility, consider attaching a small packet of seeds to your otherwise ordinary business cards. Whether the contact that receives your card does anything with the seeds or not, they'll see your green initiatives and respect you or your company's eco-friendly efforts.

(photo: Moo Inc.)


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