Choosing an Environmentally Friendly Backpack

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No matter the time of year, it seems like the purchase of a new backpack is always necessary. The warmer months of spring and summer welcome a whole season of outdoor recreation including camping, hiking, mountaineering, and rock climbing; all of which require the use of a sturdy carry-all. Not soon after that, when the cooler temperatures of fall blow in, the need for school supplies and a good backpack to put them all in will arise.

Since you go through multiple backpacks in your life, and dozens more if you have children, you should try and find backpack brands that are committed to reducing their use of resources and energy and that utilize recycled materials in their production. To make finding such brands easier, we've put together a list of some of the greenest backpacks currently available to the eco-friendly carrier.


PETE Backpack

The only fabric used in the PETE Backpack by Bambeco is PETE yarn made of recycled, post-consumer plastic bottles. The PETE was even solution-dyed before it was made into yarn so no glues are used in the finished product. The fabric used in the backpack passed the bluesign® standard certification, the world's most stringent textile endorsement we mentioned in our “Eco-Friendly Camping Tents” article. So altogether, the PETE Backpack has earned a gold seal of green carrying and transporting approval.


With a selection of six hemp backpacks in varying sizes, styles, and prices, Rawganique is right in feeling they offer eco consumers something truly special. Each backpack is made with the highest certified organic European hemp content in their class in the industry, making them sustainable, durable, and naturally attractive. The trims, tapes, and straps are all made from specifically designed hemp yarn, with no nylon liners or polyester! Only water and mechanical combing were used to process the hemp fiber; no heavy metals, harsh chemicals, caustic sodas or acids were used at any time.

The Green Backpack

If the name weren't enough to get your attention, maybe the fact that the Green Backpack is made from 65 percent recycled material and is lightweight and durable enough for even the heaviest scholastic hauling will catch your notice. Oh, the Green Backpack also features an mp3 player pocket and earbud slit for on-the-go listening. Parents will especially appreciate its budget-friendly price of only $39.99!


The Glacier Backpack from Ecogear is a rugged yet sleek carry-all for the hiker and biker alike. Made from recycled PET bottles, the Glacier is free of toxic dyes and materials, and even bears a moisture-wicking mesh back, which explains its super cool name. Another great feature is that it's under $30!

Wazee 20 Day Pack

The Wazee 20 Day Pack from Mountainsmith is light and compact enough to make it appropriate for both trail and town use. Made from 100 percent recycled denier ReDura® PET fabric, the Wazee's durable design can accommodate laptops, has compression straps to keep your valuables secure, and is hydration compatible. Unlike a lot of backpacks out there, the Wazee 20 Day Pack, when purchased through, comes with a 100 percent Satisfaction Guarantee and no-questions-asked Lifetime Returns.


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