Energy Drinks that are Green and Healthy

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With all the information available to us on organic, natural, and sustainably produced foods, it's become easier to make eco-friendly choices about what we eat. We now even know how to pick better, less environmentally-damaging versions of our favorite morning wake-up beverages: tea and coffee. But what about the energy drinks we consume in place of sleep, when we have to drive through the night or stay up writing midterm papers? Are they sustainable; how carbon-neutral are their facilities; are the bottles designed with the environment in mind; and how healthy are they? It isn't always easy for consumers to evaluate which beverage companies are making the best efforts. Which is why we've decided to recommend a few energy drinks that have already been green-assessed: help you, the green consumer, make sustainable and socially conscious daily purchase decisions.


Steaz Energy is an all-natural, USDA Organic, and Fair Trade certified energy drink that contains natural caffeine from green tea and the Guyaki yerba mate. The yerba mate tree is native to the heavily damaged South American rain forests. It is hoped that conscientious farming of the yerba mate will help sustain the rain forests. In addition to organic green tea and yerba mate – some of nature's most balanced stimulants, Steaz Energy uses only sustainably sourced ingredients like real acai and guarana berries. Besides its Organic and Fair Trade certifications, Steaz also has low CO2 certification with Native Energy, which helps offset their carbon footprint.


Scheckter's OrganicEnergy is a UK-based, 100 percent natural, Soil Association and Fair Trade certified energy drink that contains organic ginkgo biloba, guarana, ginseng, pomegranate juice, raw coffee seed, lemon juice, elderberry juice, raw Fair Trade sugar, and natural spring water. Scheckter's sources its ingredients from organic farms, which release fewer greenhouse gases and protect more wildlife species than traditional farms.


Honest Tea offers a USDA Organic Honest Tea Logocertified Jasmine Green Energy Tea to wake you up naturally with a healthy blend of organic agave syrup and organic Fair Trade Certified jasmine green and white tea. Honest Tea purchases renewable energy credits that help offset the CO2 that's created along the production chain. They also try to source ingredients domestically or locally whenever possible, and report the climate impact of each stage of its production and transport for its ingredients and containers.


Blue Sky Beverage Company, a subsidiary of Hansen's, offers a Blue Energy Wild Berry drink made with natural and organic ingredients that are safer for the environment and for consumption than synthetically derived alternatives. The ingredients are also free of almost all problematic additives and preservatives, with the exception of fructose. In addition, Blue Sky offers a line of three natural functional shots. Blue Sky Natural Energy Shot, for example, contains 100 percent juice, Blueberry Mangosteen, and 1000 percent of your daily value of Vitamin C. Each bottle also happens to be entirely recyclable.


Gusto, a Soil Association-certified energy drink, uses organic apple juice, organic guarana, two different types of organic ginseng, and a unique blend of 12 herbs to achieve its flavorful concoction. The natural ingredients in Gusto not only give it a zingy, herbal taste, they provide long-lasting energy, enhanced wellbeing, and increased clarity. According to their website, Gusto Organic's aim is β€œto make the world a brighter, fizzier and more sparkly place.”


Granola Girl on July 19, 2011 at 9:37 a.m.

Steaz has an energy shot too (e-shot). It tastes like super strong tea (basically what it is!). Great post!

Lina on Feb. 2, 2012 at 10:58 a.m.

I'd like to know if these drinks are good for diabetes person?

Chasing Green on Feb. 2, 2012 at 11:43 a.m.

Thanks for your question Lina but as the saying goes..."I'm not a medical doctor I only play one on TV." :) In other words we don't feel qualified to offer medical advice. Please check with your doctor on your next visit.

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