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September 12, 2012 View all articles in Office

If you're anything like the ChasingGreen team, you spend a good portion of your day, or maybe even the majority of it, sat behind a desk in an office. We have a number of articles focusing on the importance of making one's work environment better for the health of employees and the planet, but it seems like just as soon as we write an article with as many tips as we can think of, there are always new actions and measures being thought up! In today's article, we offer our readers some of these new tips and suggestions, and we hope you find them helpful!


  • GreenPrint software provides employees with an interface that allows them to eliminate pages, images, and selected content from print jobs before sending them to the printer. Using this simple program, companies can save an average of $80 to $120 per employee, per year, and organization print volume can be reduced by 17 to 25 percent in the same amount of time. Not only does GreenPrint reduce overall ink and paper use, licensing is a simple one-time fee.
  • We've already told you to print on both side of the paper in our article Short Steps to a Greener Office, but you can also widen the margin settings when creating documents to further reduce the amount of people used.
  • Along with your email signature, include a note asking recipients not to print for the sake of the environment.
  • Your business can save money and time, prevent tons of junk mail from entering landfills, and save trees by signing up with the EcoLogical Mail Coalition's free service to remove former employees from direct marketer's lists. You just have to submit names of terminated employees to the coalition's nationwide database of outdated contacts.
  • You can also designate a person in your business to contact persistent mail solicitors. Have each person in your business redirect all unwanted mail to that person, who can then compile a list of the individuals receiving unsolicited mail and contact the most persistent companies to request they remove the individual's names from their mailing lists. You can also request that all your employees contact persistent direct marketers and request to be removed from their mailing lists.
  • Ask your receptionist to screen callers who ask for your company's address, zip code, name of senior buyer, etc. These callers may be gathering information so they can add your business to a mailing list.
  • Place a standard note on purchase orders such as, “In the interest of reducing waste, please do not share this name or address with other mailers, through mail list sales or trades.”
  • Another area where you can reduce paper use in the office is the restroom. Our article 5 Earth Safe Toilet Paper Brands will offer you advice on which eco-toilet paper to purchase.


  • Partner with companies that provide recycling solutions for lamps, batteries, ballasts, electronic scrap, appliances, mercury devices, and transformers. You can find a full list of such companies by visiting LampRecycle.org.
  • Recycle your computers, printers, and other electronic equipment. Staples take home office devices for $10, you can check your local county recycling (check with Earth 911.org), or you can donate old, still working equipment to schools and other organizations. Also, check with the aforementioned service LampRecycle.org for companies that accept e-waste.
  • Recycle DVDs, CDs, their plastic cases, and other electronic media by partnering with GreenDisk, which also gives you certification that all electronic media has been completely erased from confidential documents.


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