Garden Tower Update: Patio and Small Space Gardening

February 12, 2013 View all articles in Lawn and Garden

This last year ChasingGreen reported on the Garden Tower Project; an innovative approach to patio (or small space) gardening.  Garden Tower Project is a self-contained vertical garden and composting system that makes it easy to grow your own food in a fraction of the space traditionally required.  ChasingGreen found the Garden Tower Project through their initial Kickstarter Campaign.  That campaign (successfully funded) helped get the word out about the Garden Tower Project.  However after eight months of shipping Garden Towers the company realized that shipping costs with the current design were limiting the numbers of people who could purchase a Tower outside of their local area.  The answer?  A subtle redesign of the Garden Tower which cuts shipping costs by more than half!

The Garden Tower Project has gone back to Kickstarter to ask for assistance in bringing the new tower design to life.  Not surprisingly the response from project backers has been amazing as the project was fully funded in less than a week!  Spreading the word about the Garden Tower Project remains important though.  The more people that know growing their own healthy food is possible, regardless of how much space is available, the better in our estimation.  Please take a moment to check out the Garden Tower Kickstarter Page and share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc... 

---Kickstarter Press Release Below---

Vertical Patio Garden Proves Wildly Popular

Growing your own food is not a new idea, but new design approaches are completely changing the way that it's done and making it accessible to more people.

Introducing The Garden Tower Project.

Upon launching their Kickstarter Campaign , The Garden Tower Project saw $10,577 in pledges in just the first day, and successfully funded their goal of $28,000 with 25 days left to go.

The Garden Tower gives every person the ability to produce extraordinary amounts of fresh, organic food (in a space of only 4 Square Feet) from any balcony, patio, rooftop, or even yard. Its self-fertilizing system even turns your kitchen scraps into compost and the unique vertical design has room for up to 50 plants!

As the local food movement sweeps the World, people are clearly wanting to join in.

Checkout their Kickstarter Campaign at:


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