Green Parenting Tips

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Raising kids is a difficult and rewarding feat. It's a twenty-four hour job that involves lots of dirty work and a complete investment in their welfare. So in the midst of all this responsibility, it might seem crazy to also try and get your kids to go green at a young age. And even though teaching them about going green may be difficult in the beginning, you will soon notice them becoming the most eco-friendly members of the family (because they're having fun!). Here are some tips to help you get your kids excited about going green.

  • Make it a game. Once your kids know the difference between recyclables and non-recyclables, have them compete to see who can recycle the most material.
  • Use positive reinforcement. Don't punish your kids for recycling poorly. Instead, reward them when they recycle correctly.
  • Be a role model. The more green things you do, the more green things your kids will want to do also.
  • Get outdoors. Take your kids outside at least once a day (weather permitting). The more time they spend in the environment, the more attached to it they become. Once they develop a love for the great outdoors, they'll want to work harder to protect it.
  • Walk or bike to school. This not only keeps your kids active, it saves fuel. Without the stress of traffic lights and carpool lanes, you're free to spend a few minutes of quality time together. Or, if your kids are old enough, encourage them to walk or ride their bikes to school on their own.
  • Reuse items. Help your kids do crafts with materials that would otherwise be discarded. SproutMake a toy robot or doll out of used paper. Then, once its entertainment value wears off, just put it with the rest of the recycling. 
  • Plant a garden. As soon as the first plant sprouts, your kids will be hooked on the idea that they made something grow.
  • Turn the lights off. Let your kids become “light monitors” and wield some imaginary authority over you when you leave an unused light on.
  • Eat less fast food. If your kids eat less fast food when they're young, they're more likely to dislike the taste when they're older. And disliking the taste of fast food is probably the only way your kids aren't going to eat it.
  • Save and share clothes. Make sure your kids know that hand-me-downs aren't bad, but simply another way of protecting our planet.
  • Don't buy name brands If you don't buy name brand clothing for your kids when they're young, they might be more willing to shop at thrift stores when they're older. Re-using clothing rather than buying new clothes is helpful on several levels. Eat less meat
  • Eat less meat. It's easier for younger kids to become vegetarians because they haven't become attached or accustomed to eating meat yet. If vegetarianism isn't for your family, try to at least reduce the amount of meat you and your kids consume by having meatless meals regularly.
  • Don't be a nag. The less nagging you do, the more your kids will listen. Make going green something they want to do, not something they're being made to do. This will help them continue their green habits into adulthood.


Thanh Thảo on April 17, 2012 at 8:06 a.m.

I'm 20 and i haven't got a baby yet ^^, but i think this article so interesting to read. It's will be my tips if i have a baby in the future (: My cousin just had a baby and of course, i will give her this article. I think she will know the right ways to have a good parenting skills after read and follow this article.

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