Green Romance - Eco-Friendly Dating Tips

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Green living is the new big thing, and what better way is there to go green than to have a romantic, eco-friendly night with your significant other? Thinking of plastic and your carbon footprint probably seems like the least sensual thing you can do on any given night, so here are some easy tips that will not only help the environment, but your love life, too.

Lighting: As we all know, turning off the light can sometimes heat things up in the bedroom, but it also has the added bonus of saving energy. If you want to be able to see your significant other more clearly, consider some scented candles made from either beeswax or soy. Plant roses in your garden

Flowers: Instead of buying a dozen roses every Valentine's Day, plant roses in your garden, or even in a pot! Not only does this protect the environment, but your partner will be reminded of your love every year, not just on Valentine's Day.

Attire: Clothing made out of organic material can be comfortable, warm, and long lasting. Buy your partner some organic pajamas from a store like Gaiam or Greenloop . Or, if you're feeling a bit naughtier, try Enamore or g=9.8 for organic and sustainable lingerie. 

Chocolate: Research organic chocolate brands. Not only are these healthier for you, dark chocolate is believed to be an aphrodisiac.

Dagoba Organic 

Massages: Massages require nothing more than love, attention, and care, and make for a very sensual moment. And if you want to enhance the experience, try organics oils for a green way so smooth up your partner.

Soak: Taking a bath together is one of the most relaxing and romantic things you can do, and filling your bathtub with untreated rose petals only heightens the romance. Lavender and other natural aromas are always a hit as well.

Sheets: A lot of noise is being made about bamboo bed sheets. They are silky and slightly slippery, they have natural antimicrobial properties, and they are made from renewable resources.

Eco-Friendly Date Options:


  • Candlelit dinner for two. Put a green twist on this tried-and-true classic by using the aforementioned eco-friendly candles. And try serving a more vegetarian-themed meal, which will promote good health and endurance (wink wink, nudge nudge).
  • Breakfast in bed. For a romantically delicious start to an exciting day, serve your partner some Fair Trade coffee and organic strawberries with honey. 
  • Plant a Tree
  • Plant a tree. What could be more romantic and eco-friendly than planted a tree in your partner's name? Plant it close by so you can watch it flourish and grow with your love.


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