Healthy Natural Food Options for your Dog and the Planet

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Natural, organic, and vegan dog foods are becoming more and more prevalent as pet owners join the “true food” movement. Gone are the days when it was acceptable to feed your dog kibble made from by-product meal (necks, heads, hooves, feet, feathers, intestines, blood) and 4-D animals (dead, diseased, dying, or disable), or with ingredients like restaurant grease, artificial colors and flavors, and chemical preservatives. Feeding your dogs this kind of food is not only unhealthful for them, it contributes to unsustainable and environmentally damaging livestock production practices.

Before changing your dog's diet in any way, you should visit your veterinarian to learn if your pet has any nutritional deficiencies, allergies, or special requirements.

Then, consider the following natural dog food brands.


Karma Organic Food for Dogs focuses on the specific nutritional qualities of its meat. Instead of using “grade” meat, they use only USDA/FDA inspected and standardized meats that fit their strict specifications. Their products are 95 percent organic, with ingredients like free-range chicken, organic kamut, brown rice, apple, carrot, and pumpkin, to name a few. Their website even has a pet food comparison feature that allows you to see the ingredients in Karma products right beside their competitor's products.

CANIDAE Pet Foods are nutritionally dense and made with fresh meats, meals, grains, vegetables, and fruits that originate from USDA inspected, human-grade facilities and producers. Their products are all naturally preserved and undergo stringent testing procedures to assure safety and freshness. CANIDAE is also a certified USDA Organic manufacturing facility.

Evolution Diet not only offers whole grain wheat flour-based dog food products, they also service some of the largest no-kill sanctuaries in the US, in addition to hundreds of small rescues. Evolution uses pure soybean oil preserved with Vitamin E in place of saturated animal products. They ensure that your dog gets enough protein in his diet by adding separate protein isolates from plant sources. Evolution products contain all the same beneficial proteins, prodigestive bacteria, and enzymes that are found in meat-containing pet foods, except they're completely vegetarian!

Newman's Own Organic Pet Food line uses human-grade and fit-for-human-consumption ingredients such as natural chicken, free-range beef, and organic grains. Their products are made without herbicides, pesticides, or artificial fertilizers and they are free of chemical additives, artificial preservatives, colors, antibiotics, and hormones. Each bag of Newman's Own Organics food is 95 percent USDA Certified Organic. In addition, all of the after-tax profits from the royalties of this pet food are donated to organizations that support the well-being of animals, such as animal shelters and animal related services.

Party Animal Organic Pet Food is based in West Hollywood, California, and is USDA Organic certified. It consists of organic meats, veggies, fruit, and 38 different nutrients. Each ingredient in every Party Animal product is reviewed by the organic certifying agency. The products are free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, growth hormones, bioengineering, bi-products, artificial colors and flavors, and artificial preservatives. Oh, and apparently Party Animal is Paris Hilton's gourmet dog food of choice.


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