The Horror of Energy Vampires

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In addition to the money that your teenage daughter may be spending to go to the new Twilight movies, vampires might be costing you more money than you know. No, we aren't talking about the blood-sucking kind of vampire; we are talking about the energy vampire.


Vampire energy is energy used by devices that are turned off or on standby mode. For example your plasma flat screen TV (notorious energy wasters) can was as much as $160.00 a year in fact. Some other examples of energy wasters are;

  • The cell phone charger without a cell phone plugged in? That's more money and energy going to waste.
  • Each game console you have plugged in is another $25 per year.
  • Your VCR and DVD combine for more than $19.
  • The extra fridge keeping three sodas cold? That's around $300 a year.

(See graphic below for more examples)

Vampire energy is estimated to cost U.S. consumers around $3 billion a year, and is responsible for 4% of all U.S. energy consumption. That's Power  Strip almost 100 million tons of oil. The most cost effective way of combating these energy drains is to simple unplug everything when it is not in use. That might not be a problem for your phone charger but unplugging your TV, VCR, DVD and all the game consoles every time you're finished with them can begin to wear on a person. Fortunately there is an easy and cheap solution for this. A standard power strip costs just a few dollars, and once everything is plugged into it, one switch will turn everything off, as well as prevent them from sucking energy out when you are unaware. In addition, there are smart such as the TrickleStar Smart Power Strips which have an integrated internal circuitry thatTrickleStar Smart Power Strip automatically detects when devices are turned off and cuts power to the outlet. This feature ensures that when your electronic devices are in the off position, they won't waste your electricity or money. In fact, TrickleStar Smart Power Strips save the average United States consumer $38 per year in electrical costs, which is the equivalent of nearly 400 pounds of CO2 emissions!

For the average unaware person, vampire energy can cost quite a bit, however if you are aware of the problem, it is relatively simple to prevent it from draining your energy, no garlic required.

Vampire Energy

(Image from Transparency Issue 008, Jan/Feb 08, GOOD Magazine)


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