How to Re-Use a Cosmetic Compact

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If you've ever purchased pressed powder or blush from a department store, you've probably asked yourself once or twice, “Am I paying this much for the product or for the fancy compact it comes in?!” It isn't as popular to refill cosmetic compacts as it once was, but that doesn't mean we can't still re-use them in a number of useful ways! Not only does re-using compacts offer unexpected convenience to the eco-conscious female, it's a practice that also keeps waste out of landfills. Here are some ways you can put your cosmetic compacts to further use!


You may need to remove the metal tin inside the compact with a flat screwdriver before re-using it. You should also wash the compact thoroughly to remove any makeup or glue remnants.

  • Keep your earrings and delicate necklaces inside a compact when you travel to prevent loss and damage.
  • Paint the bottom of the compact red or pink so your little girl can play with pretend makeup, without the mess!
  • Glue a piece of felt inside a compact and stick pins and needles to it.
  • If the compact has been thoroughly cleaned, you can store pills, vitamins, or mints inside it.
  • Keep the compact open on your desk and use it as a paper clip, rubberband, or staple holder.
  • Squash lipstick, lip gloss, or lip balm inside the empty compact and use it as a palette for applying lipstick with a brush.
  • Use a compact for storing a set of fake nails.
  • Glue someone's portrait inside a compact and keep it in your purse so you have it close by all the time.
  • Use the compact to carry ponytail holders and half-size bobby pins so you can do your hair on-the-go!
  • Take some scratch paper and cut it into circles that will fit inside the compact. You can use the paper for writing down numbers, names, to-do lists, reminders, or your grocery list. Just remember to keep a pen or pencil in your purse.
  • Who needs a coin purse or wallet? Keep bills and a few coins inside your compact!
  • If you have several compacts lying around, why not take the lids off and position the compacts in your drawer as organizers/separators for small items.
  • Turn your compact into a container for solid perfumes you make yourself! Follow the recipe for an all-natural solid perfume at!


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