Making a Green 4th of July

July 15, 2010 View all articles in Family

The 4th of July is a festive time, full of disposable cups, plates, and rockets that explode into some of the most beautiful pollution on the planet. Alright, so maybe the 4th isn't the greenest of the holidays, but there is always something you can do to make your festivities a bit more earth friendly, and keep the nation we are celebrating just a little cleaner. Here are some tips o keep your 4 th as green as it can be. 

  • Put a Recycle Bin next to the Trash CanPlace a recycle bin next to every trash can. With a recycle bin right there, your guests are much less likely to toss that wine bottle in the trash.
  • Carpool! When attending a big party, parking is sure to be tight, so why not hitch a ride? Besides, if your friends aren't driving, they don't have to keep such a tight rein on their festivities
  • Avoid single use dishware! Keep those things out of the landfill and get reusable dishware for all your parties instead. Your wallet will thank you, and so will the planet.
  • If your friends are as environmentally consciences as you, take them down to the river or beach as a pre-party. While there, look around for trash from other parties, and help clean up!
  • Use natural gas barbeques instead of charcoal. Estimates of the amount of smoke sent up from Independence Day grilling are equal to 2300 acres of forest burning. Natural gas uses far less energy, so use a gas grill, or borrow one from the neighbors.
  • Have the party outside with the beauty of nature instead of relying on paper decorations that will just get thrown away.
  • Finally the big one. Let's face it, unless you are willing to blow large amounts of money to get the air propelled fireworks that Disney uses, fireworks are not eco-friendly. At all. So, instead of making your own little display, head down to your cities display. Lots of people watching one large display is much better than smaller groups watching 10 different displays. Especially given that most large firework displays are free!


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