Re-Use Neckties Around the House

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Have a collection of ties from the 1980s that haven't seen the light of day in 20 years? Rather than dumping them in the trash or (even worse) re-gifting them to your nephew, consider Upcycling them for use around the house. Turn those outdated fashion statements into something useful with just a little bit of imagination and time.


Necktie Snake : Re-purpose an old necktie into a quick child's toy by simply stitching two ties together (with the back of the tie facing out) along the outside edges. When finished, turn the tie inside out and stuff with batting or cotton.

Necktie Belt: If you aren't really into sewing, try using a tie as a belt. Slip the thick end of the tie through all of the belt loops on your pants and then tie a quick square knot to hold the two ends together.

Necktie Guitar Strap: Tie together two neckties to make a quick-and-dirty guitar strap for your late-night gigs. Bonus points if you can find two keyboard neckties to hold your guitar in place during those long jam sessions.

Necktie Chair: Those who have an old chair frame on our back porch might enjoy this project: rather than throw away those old chairs when a plastic strap breaks, try replacing all of the straps with heavy cotton ties. To keep each tie in place when you sit down, tie each end firmly onto the frame then run a short ΒΌ inch screw through each knot for added strength.

Necktie Hairband : Tired of sweaty hair falling into your face during the basketball game? Try tying a cotton tie around your head and using it as a sweatband. You'll be the envy of all the other players on the court for your fashion sense.

Necktie Bracelet: All you need to turn that old tie into a trendy bracelet is a pair of scissors, a needle and thread, and a button. First cut down your tie to the desired length. Second, fold both ends inward and then stich to keep the ends from fraying. Third, cut a small hole just slightly wider than your button near one end of the bracelet and run some stitches around the edge. Last, sew a button to the other end of the bracelet to hold the ends together. Loop the button through the hole and you have an instant (if not trendy) fashion accessory for your wrist.

Necktie Draft-Catcher: Like the Necktie snake, this Upcycling project requires that you stuff the inside of a tie with heavy batting and then sew each end shut. During the winter you can place the draft-catcher at the bottom of your door to keep the cold out.

Necktie Throw Rug: If you feel adventurous, have 40+ ties on hand, and know your way around a sewing machine, you might try stitching together as many ties as you can to make a stylish rug for the living room. To create a sunburst-shaped rug, sew each tie together lengthwise with the small end pointed inwards and the large end pointed out.

Necktie Lanyard: If you find yourself in need of a quick lanyard for your ID badge, try looping a tie loosely around your neck. Clip your ID card holder to the bottom of the loop and make yourself an instant hit at the convention center or office.

Necktie Thespianism: If you never want to see your tie again (at least not in your closet or around the neck of a loved one) try simply donating your tie to your local community theater for use in their costume department.

Necktie Coffee Cozy: If you are looking for a way to keep your hand from getting burned next time you swing by the local coffee shop, try this one out: cut down an old necktie to the required length (about the size of an average disposable coffee cup) and then sew it back on itself. Instantly you have a reusable coffee cozy that is both green and stylish.

Necktie Necklace: Here's a trendy project: take any tie you wouldn't mind wearing around your neck once more. Every two inches, fold the tie back on itself. Pin each fold and run a quick stick through the fold on the back of the tie. When you get to the end, fasten the slender end of the tie to the fat end with a button. Voila! You've got an instant necklace!

Necktie School Bag: If you have a number of old ties sitting around waiting for your next project, try upcycling them into a new bag for your school books. To make the body of the bag, you will need to stitch together about 5 ties side by side half way up. Line the inside of the ties with heavy cloth and reinforced batting to help the bag keep its shape, then stich the other half of the ties back over the batting and run some zig-zag stitching across the whole thing to keep everything in place. After this, stitch the entire thing onto the back of another set of 5 ties with reinforced backing. Sew one or two ties on either side of the bag and stich those together to make a handle. If you feel extra ambitious, you can also stich together a few more ties on top of the bag with a button snap to keep the whole thing closed while you are running late to class across the quad.


Vicki on March 28, 2012 at 1:46 p.m.

I tied one over the closet rod and used it to clip all my hair barretts to. Keeps them all in one place and easy to see.

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