Stay Green (and Warm) in Your Sleeping Bag

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There's something about outdoor sports and recreation that make us feel truly at one with nature. Singing songs around a campfire, sleeping under the stars, making tracks through unexplored land: just who or what could possibly suffer from such treasured and idyllic summer experiences? It turns out the answer to that question is nature, of course. One of the best ways to ensure both you and nature have a good time backpacking, hiking, and camping this summer is to purchase products made with recycled materials and natural fibers.

ChasingGreen's article “Eco-Friendly Camping Tents” discussed some of the health- and earth-damaging materials used in tent manufacturing, and proposed several green alternatives available to the eco-conscious consumer. In the following article, we would like to point our readers to some of the greenest sleeping bags currently on the market. Because when we purchase products made with recycled material and natural fibers like hemp, cotton, coconut husks, and bamboo, we are reducing our dependency on non-renewable oil products, in addition to lessening our resource and energy use.


Marmot: Marmot UpCycle® products minimize their environmental impact by using natural, organic, and recycled or discarded materials bound for landfills. Their Eco Pro sleeping bag line uses both an UpCycle® fabric made from recycled plastic soda bottles as well as an insulation that contains 80 percent post consumer waste.  

Lafuma: The Lafuma Yellowstone Light Eco sleeping bag features a lightweight, water-repellent shell made with 50 percent soy, 50 percent cotton, with an aerofiber insulation layer of 100 percent recycled polyester hollow fiber. You'll have a hard time finding Lafuma's Pure Leaf line of sleeping bags online, but ChasingGreen discovered they are still in stock at the Comfort Store Direct online store.

Sierra Designs: The women-specific Sierra Designs Deja Vu 20 sleeping bag is made with EcoPet post-consumer recycled insulation, an all-natural Cocona - particles developed from recycled coconut shells - liner fabric, and a 100 percent recycled polyester shell. The Deja Vu 20 is built to comply with Sierra's Green Effect program, which is Sierra Designs' eco-conscious commitment to reduce costs and waste, and to grow programs to promote sustainable outdoor recreation.

The North Face: The Re Meow by the North Face is made with Pertex® 100 percent recycled fabrics from recycled water bottles, garment fabrics, and factory yarn waste, and is stuffed with Climashield® HL Green insulation. The North Face also offers the Green Kazoo sleeping bag that's made from 100 percent recycled fabrics including a recycled polyester ripstop shell and a recycled taffeta lining.


LInda on Nov. 29, 2015 at 11:51 a.m.

Thanks for your website! I am looking for adult-sized sleeping bags without the fire retardants. Might you have any suggestions?

All best wishes,


Eddie Meisse on Sept. 27, 2018 at 5:07 p.m.

Not interested in even recycled metro chemical products. I don't want to be inhaling them. Want all natural materials from the get go.

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