Ten Easy Green Things I Did Today!

August 19, 2010 One comment View all articles in General

It isn't enough to simply write about going green, I have to actually follow my own advice in order to make a real impact. I know from experience that revising one's routine and accommodating for an environmental conscience takes work. And just like any new habit, going green takes cultivation to become second nature. To help you get started, I'm sharing some of the green things I did today. Keep reading to see just how quick and easy going green can be.

6:30 am - I used to bring a new plastic water bottle to the gym each day, but this morning I filled up a reusable bottle with filtered tap water instead. As a bonus it's cheaper to do this then to buy a 12 pack of single use water bottles each two weeks.

7:40 am - Before I left the house for work, I banished vampire energy by unplugging my cell phone charger, coffee pot, toaster, and stereo. I also quickly switched off the power-strip that's connected to my TV and DVD player. Light Switch

7:45 am - Listening to my father's voice in my head, I turned off all the lights in the house before leaving.

7: 50 am - My car is not fuel-efficient by any means, so I left the gas guzzler behind and walked the short distance to work.

10:52 am - When I needed to print something off the computer at work, I reduced paper waste by using both sides.

12:47 pm - I was getting sick of receiving my Macy's statement in the mail each month even though I pay my bill and manage my account online. So I called them on my lunch break and signed up for paperless statements that will be sent to my email account. Reusable Shopping Bags

5:56 pm - Before going to the grocery store, I stopped by my house to pick up my reusable shopping bags that I store in the kitchen pantry.

6:12 pm - At the grocery store, I bought local fruits and vegetables to support the farmers in my community. Not only are they fresher the produce doesn't have to be shipped across the country to get to my neighborhood store.

7:42 pm – After dinner I saved water and energy by not running the not-quite-full load of dishes in the dishwasher. I'll do it tomorrow after breakfast even though I'll have to use the miss-matched spoon for my cereal in the morning since it's the only one left that's clean.

8:23 pm - I chose to do my laundry in cold water and hung everything up on an indoor drying rack.


Annette on Jan. 23, 2012 at 10:02 a.m.

I am very proud to say that I do all these things everyday without even noticing anymore as I am busy thinking of more ways I can reduce my families energy consumption. :) I feel good about it!

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