Roof Dormers

Dormers are structures that protrude from the roof and often contain windows. This structure allows for more useable space in the attic by creating enough room to stand up in, and may be utilized to improve home ventilation. It also does well to provide additional sunlight if the attic is used for living space. Dormers can either be part of the original construction or they can be added on later. However, if a dormer is not constructed and roofed properly leaks can prove costly in repairing.


There are several different styles of dormers, giving you the chance to match a dormer with your style of house. A few to choose from are a gabled dormer, hip dormer, shed dormer, a flat roof dormer, and a wide variety in window selection. There are also link dormers for housing chimneys. With your choice in roof and window styles, you should be able to create a great aesthetic match to any home.

The term comes from the French word dormer, referring to a dormitory or a place for sleeping. This is tied to the Mansard style roof as both the dormer and Mansard style roof was invented by French architect Francois Mansart. The dormer was an attempt at making the upstairs living space of the Mansard style more livable by providing additional space, ventilation, and sunlight.