Bonnet or Belcote Roof

A bonnet roof has a double slope on all four sides of a house. It's often thought of as a modified hip or gable roof. The upper field has a steeper pitch while the lower field has a shallower pitch. The shallow slope often hangs over the house and becomes the covering for a porch, thus also making the bonnet roof called a “kicked eave roof”. This open sided porch covering is often the overall purpose behind a bonnet roof, as the style itself isn't as popular as a gable or hip roof. The bonnet roof is often found in French Vernacular architecture more commonly found in Louisiana and along the Mississippi River.

Construction for a bonnet roof is more challenging than other roof styles, and thus may be more expensive. Specially made trusses must be put into place, and the use of an expert roofer, one familiar with bonnet roofs is recommended.


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