Gable Roof

Gable roofs are among the most common roof types due to the simple design that allows for easy of construction.  A gable roof has two sides that connect at the ridge of the house and slope down to meet the walls.The "gable" for which the style is named after is the triangular portion of the wall that exists between the two roof sides.  To be considered a "true gable" the slopes on both sides of the roof.  While a Saltbox roof might appear to be a gable roof it is clearly not since the slopes of the two roof sides are different.

Gable roofs will have a steeper slope in cold weather climates than in more moderate areas.  The increased slope sheds snow and ice better.  This is very important in heavy snowfall areas where the weight of snow can potentially damage the roof.

The gable roof typically allows for more useable space under the roof than a Hip roof does.  The additional space is often used for storage and is sometimes even setup to be used as living space.

The gable roof comes in variations such as the Cross Gabled Roof and the Dutch Gable Roof.


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