Concrete Tile

Much like clay, concrete tile is very durable, and it even has the potential to last the lifetime of the building it's been installed on. During that time homeowners will experience superior protection against wind, hail, and fire as the material rates high in each area. These roofs also shed water very well, particularly when the smooth tile style is used.

Concrete tile can simulate clay tile, wood shake, slate, or stone. Among the styles of concrete tiles are Mediterranean, Spanish, flat, and both smooth and rough textured. They come in several different colors, although unlike clay tile, the color of the concrete tile will fade over the first few years. With that in mind replacement tiles will not match existing tiles for a number of years, and may never truly match.

Additional bracing will likely be necessary with a concrete tile roof, as the standard weight for concrete tiles is more than that of clay tiles. Before installing a concrete tile roof you should consult a structural engineer to ensure your home has adequate support for a heavier roofing material. You can also choose lighter weight concrete tiles, but these are more brittle than the standard weight concrete tiles.

Concrete tile does not require significant maintenance, though cleaning every few years to prevent any potential moss buildup or debris that causes water damming which prolong the life of the roof. A professional experienced with concrete tile roofs should do the cleaning as concrete tiles can be brittle when walked on, producing the potential need for tile replacements.

Because this roofing material lasts so long, concrete tile is very cost effective over the lifespan of the roof. Installation costs more up front as does the material when compared with asphalt shingles; however concrete tile is cheaper than clay tile and can last just as long. And with all roofing materials, so much of it's longevity depends on proper installation, so take the time to find a good and experienced contractor.


Concrete Tile Pros: Great value over lifespan, extended lifetime, long duration warranties, durable, and good protection.

Concrete Tile Cons: Higher material and installation costs than traditional asphalt materials, very heavy, and brittle to walk on.