Metal Roofing Materials

Metal roofs are generally made up of steel, aluminum, copper, or zinc. A metal roof offers many benefits to a homeowner. And because of these benefits, manufacturers are willing to give out warranties lasting up to 50 years. But a quality metal roof can easily last up to 50 years, with a premium metal material being able to last up to 100 years. But with any material the longevity is very much dependent on the quality of its installation, particularly the vulnerable points such as flashing.

Metal roofs are highly fire resistant, wind resistant, and are often guaranteed not to dent from hail. When compared with other materials, metal roofs shed water and snow better than most the other roof materials making it great for preventing ice damming. You can also have a “cool roof” system installed that has a special coating or finish to help reflect sunlight to help hedge your heating bills. Because of their energy efficiency some of these systems can qualify for a tax credit.

Since a metal roof is lightweight, there is less stress on the structure it's being applied to, so no additional bracing is necessary for installation. And with the amount of variety these materials provide your roof can resemble most other materials and are offered in a large variety of colors and textures. Typically when people think of a metal roof they imagine aluminum or steel sheets, however your roof can resemble an asphalt shingle roof, a cedar shake roof, a tile roof, or a slate roof.

With a price tag less expensive than slate or tile and a lifespan of 50 to 100 years, metal roofs are a great value. And with purchasable recycled materials, homeowners will enjoy a low maintenance, highly durable roof that will last with the peace of mind that they are helping our environment. They won't have to reach too deep into their pockets either.


Clay TilePros: Durable, great variety, recyclable material, and offers great protection from fire, wind and hail.

Clay Tile Cons: More expensive than asphalt roofing.